Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bamboo Bikes!

The UA Outdoor Recreation office just received 8 bamboo bikes made with locally harvested bamboo. The Bike Lab in Greensboro, AL, as part of the HERO Projects, partners with Bamboo Bike Studio, based in San Francisco, CA, to produce the sustainable-oriented bikes.

The raw bamboo is harvested just down the road in Greensboro, AL then taken to the Bike Lab for processing. If you are interested in learning more about the build process, the Bike Lab offered build workshop where you can custom build your own bamboo bike in many different configurations. 

More pictures showing the build process:

Monday, February 6, 2012

T-Town Pull Down Wrap Up

The crowd was in effect and the beats were thumpin' at the comp Saturday. Thanks to all of the incredible sponsors that helped to make the day a success:

Alabama Outdoors, Black Diamond, Outdoor Research, Evolv, Solid Rock Climbers for Christ, Patagonia, Petzl, Mammut, Scarpa, Mountain Khaki.

We especially want to thank the Southeastern Climbers Coalition for fighting for climber's rights in the state and region. The event helped to raise $420 to go towards climbing access projects that affect the local climbing community. Josh Reyes, BOD with the SCC, was on hand to present an overview of the SCC's goals and mission. He also was instrumental in getting the finals session in order for the big showdown.

Props to GA Tech and Clemson for representing in force!

Women's Advanced
Allison Hwang (2800) - 1st
Emily Korth (1575) - 2nd
Tatiana Mejia (1305) - 3rd
Mariana Musicus (1300)
Chau Tran (1260)
Katie Whitcomb (1250)
Women's Recreational
Carolyn Coffey (1185) - 1st
Krys Kittredge (1110) - 2nd
Camellia Aslami (1040) - 3rd
Alli Anderson (710)
Tasha Parrish (410)
Jazmine Mosley (170)

Men's Advanced
Nick Robinson (3865*) - 1st
Michael Rosato (3865*) - 2nd
Todd Clark (3865*) - 3rd
Ben Tsui (3635)
Carlin Kersch (3520)
Jeremy Savor (3060)
Dallas Dean (2720)
*winner determined in finals session

Men's Intermediate
Brian Haight (2480) - 1st
Brian Peasley (2390) - 2nd
Michael Chickene (2260) - 3rd
James Conces (2230)
Andrew Silva (2215)
Joseph Watters (2160)
Colby Butterfield (2080)

Men's Recreational
Thomas Traweek (1565) - 1st
Isaac Levin (1475) - 2nd
Christian Trotter (1415) - 3rd
James Trigg (1390)
Dan Nelson (1370)
Sam Bates (1340)
Andrew Green (1260)
Judson Williams (1245)
Harrison Aslami (1230)
Chip Garrett (1140)
Drew Swinney (1125)
Hansen Babington (980)
Andrew Brownlow (840)
Shahn Washington (790)
Tyler Upchurch (735)
Kirt Daily (690)
Brett Gagner (670)
Matt Fairfield (550)
Ethan Hummel (490)
Richard Taylor (280)
John Chow (170)

Support Mountain Khaki!

The T-Town Pull Down could not have been such a success if not due to the help from companies like Mountain Khakis! They donated $75, $30, and $15 gift cards for our prizes and raffle.

Ben Lowe, MK campus ambassador, also help ed to make the event a success. He brought samples and plenty of swag to hand out. Thankfully, our competitors and spectators went home happy thanks to MK!